More Than...

Romans 8:37 declares to us that we are more than Conquerors through Him who loves us. So what does that look like for our volleyball club?
At More Than Conquerors, we believe..

That our time on earth is meant for more than just this life

That Jesus Christ died for more than just a ticket into Heaven

That the gift of the Holy Spirit allows us to operate in more than just our own strength and power

That God wants to rule more than just our hearts, He wants and is worthy of every area of our lives

That the Word of God is far more than just a book of laws

That Jesus Christ was more than just a humble servant, that He was and is also The Conquering King

That God has, and will continue, to use the sport of volleyball for more than just an earthly passion

That we are training more than just volleyball players, and that we have the opportunity to impact more than just the athlete

That every player we come in contact with was brought to us for more than just volleyball training

That with a willing heart and a strong work ethic, God can transform an athlete into so much more than their perceived potential