A Chronicle by Coach Ragan

The 14’s had their first tournament of 2022 this weekend, and what a way to start the new year! We ended up finishing in 3rd of 32 teams!! This tournament was a big one with lots of very talented teams, and I am so proud of the way the girls fought throughout the entire day.
So many players had a very impressive day in multiple ways, but a true standout was our sweet Emma Duininck! We ended up playing many games back to back, including back to back 3 game matches, and while most would want to start showing their exhaustion, Emma got better and played stronger every single game! She was hitting harder than I’ve ever seen her, and staying loud to keep the energy up for the team. I also can’t go without pointing out the incredibly strong, yet consistent serving from Katherine and Elle! Nearly every single time they stepped back to serve, they led us in big point runs and helped save some games that were seemingly slipping away. I’ve said it a few times already, but I’ll keep saying it- we are SO glad we picked up Sara over the holidays!! She’s only had a few practices with us, but came into the tournament and was one of our most dependable players for the day. Adding her to our lineup of great setters on this team is going to be huge for the rest of this season!
Our stat leaders for the weekend came out to Elle with 13 aces, followed by Katherine and Sara with 10 a piece. Elle also led us in blocking with 3 followed by Ella with 2. Katherine finished the day with 28 kills, while Elle had 14 and Madison had 13. MJ led us in assists with 29, while Sara hang very close with 28. Sweet Farrah ran in at the end of the day after a full day of basketball games and picked up an ace, 1 kill, and 2 assists as well.

Coach Paige had this to say about her day with the 15’s:
“The 15s had a rollercoaster of a weekend, emotional and competitive ups and downs throughout the whole tournament. They conquered our pool getting a first place seed in Gold after the weekend highlight of Sydney serving a game to win 25-0!
In the Gold bracket is where this team really shined. They were down several times 8-10 points or more and fought back to win! I was so proud of the drive and HEART of this team. They fought past the frustration and mistakes and didn't give up on themselves or one another. They all had a piece of the win. Those that subbed in made a difference in every moment they could.
Laura Lee led with 30 kills, Hope following with 20. Ava led in assists. Sydney has 18 aces. Delaney led the team in digs fighting for every ball. Nothing hit the ground with that girl flying through. Although there are some areas for improvement, always, I know this team will only grow to win more and more games. The defense is quick and determined, the hitters are aggressive and strong, and the setters are strategic. I expect to see them in the finals soon.”